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Join or Renew Your Membership

at Special $10 Rate

Throughout the pandemic, we did not push memberships or contributions. Instead, we invited Yeatsians and friends to help support our purposes and activities as follows.

Join or renew your membership to the Society for 2023 at the special rate of only $10.​ Later this year, we will establish new rates for 2024. 

You can also make a contribution in lieu of or in addition to your 2023 membership. Thank you.


How to Join, Renew, Donate

Send a check made out to the WB Yeats Society of NY, c/o the National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY 10003. 

There is a dress code for events at the NAC, which is east of Park Avenue South and 20th Street, across from the south end of the park.  


We will be automating the membership process in the months ahead. Your patience is appreciated.

Whether you join or donate, we will keep you on our postal and email lists as part of our community.

If you can't become a member of the Society at this time, email us and request that we add you to our mailing list for periodic announcements.

Membership Rates Before Pandemic (not applicable at this time, see new rate of $10 at left)


  • $40 for one-year, which included $20 in prepaid admissions.

  • $30 without prepaid admissions.

  • $15 for full-time students.


  • $50


  • $75

Order of the Golden Dawn

  • $100 per year.

  • $1,000 for lifetime.

NOTE: Contributing, Patron, and Order of the Golden Dawn Members receive $20 in prepaid admissions and receive tax receipts for amounts over $25.



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