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About Us

The W.B. Yeats Society of New York, a literary society, was founded June 13, 1990, on the poet’s 125th birthday, by Andrew McGowan, currently president. The Society quickly became one of New York’s largest and most ambitious organizations dedicated to the life and work of a particular writer. It sponsors an international poetry competition (see Awards), shares links to other Yeats-related sites, informs Americans about the Yeats International Summer School in Ireland, and assists in establishing other Yeats societies in the US.




Because we’ve had such an unusually large number of entries in this year’s competition, our judge’s review has of necessity taken more time than usual. Alan Feldman has informed us that he has almost finished reading the hundreds of submissions and after that will re-read and reassess those he has codified into a list of potential finalists before making final choices. We will announce the winners by early April and to that end have scheduled our awards ceremony for the evening of April 27 at Barnes and Noble’s flagship Union Square store, New York City. We appreciate your patience. We trust you agree that it’s best not to rush the judging so we can be as fair as possible to everyone who entered our competition and to allow the needed time to ensure the best decisions regarding the winners. Thank you.



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See report and pix under Program heading.

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Our Objectives

  • To act as an educational forum, primarily through lectures and events, for the exchange of information about William Butler Yeats, his legacy and literary work, and the people, places, events, and ideas that shaped his life and work. 

  • To stimulate awareness of and interest in WB Yeats's life and work.

  • To provide information about Yeats events and organizations, particularly the Yeats International Summer School in Ireland and its sponsor, the Sligo-based Yeats Society, and other Yeats societies that, like ours, grew out of the summer school and Sligo society.

Executive Board

Andrew McGowan, President

​Alison Armstrong, Ph.D.

​Don Bates

Erskine Childers

Emily Dunlap

​Kate Gill

Doris Marie Meyer

Maureen O. Murphy, Ph.D.

Eddie Vega


John J. Casey, Ph.D.

Carolyn McGuire, Ph.D.

© 2022 by Yeats Society of New York

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